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North American Country Home Wholesale (NACH),  is a West Coast company started in the late 1980's. Known for always bringing unique designs and products to the trade, North American Country Home evolved through trading European country antiques and later started its own reproduction pieces. Our collections are constantly updated with new in-house designs along with production of old time classics for the North American home & garden markets.

On January 20, 2009 we merged with Azzizi Design, another West Coast company that just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Azzizi Design was primarily known for its collection of cast iron house signs & antiqued marble coasters, making them a nice addition to our extensive selection of unique hand-made products. Later that year, the company purchased the assets of another West Coast Company, Room Culture, and further expanded its product range and customer base.

In July 2011,  the company became the exclusive Canadian stocking distributer for Woodstock Chimes of New York, USA.  Woodstock is the leading manufacturer of musically tuned chimes in North America.

In October 2013, NACH became the exclusive distributer of Ancient Graffiti, based in Illinois USA. Ancient Graffiti is a well known US manufacturer and designer of garden accessories. Their garden spinners are known as the best in the industry.

North American Country Home sources its vast product range from almost every continent.  Many of the pieces are designed or conceptualized by the North American design team and are exclusive to the company.

The company primarily exhibits in The Toronto Gift Show. In 2010, the company was chosen by the CGTA to show its products at the "Design Essentials" section of the CGTA show, and in fall 2013 it won the Best Bootth award for medium size booth.  In the spring of 2015 the company expanded its booth to 1400 which is categorized as a large both. Nach exhibits furniture pieces from Style In Form, bases in Vancouver BC, at their new location in hall 11, booth number 11529.

Please view our web catalogue regularly for the latest updates.

NACH Management team:

Frank Azzizi, Principal
Greg Chong, National Sales Manager
Vafa Rohani, General Manager
Brian Goulet  warehouse manager                                                                            



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